The breeder’s book is now translated into English

Present the breeder’s book
The breeder’s book is now translated into English and has a new cover. Cover with a lamination that it was not lost and did not get dirty. book 12 litters a price of 6 euros.


The book is universal for dog and cat kennels. The book has: VETERINARY TREATMENT (VACCINATIONS, DEGELMINIZATION, OTHER TREATMENTS)


For litters: there is a tablet for vaccinations and Deworming, litter is designed 8 kids, for each child is available personal information: from the name, genetic tests, …. information about the new owner.


MINI-STANDARD (12 litters): the standard book has 76 A4 pages, a cardboard cover with a density of 300, a lamination of a cover. standard image, stitched, 80 pages paper with white density. The book is designed for 12 litters, which will be convenient for both large and small nurseries. — 5 euros

STANDARD (24 litters): in a standard book of 160 A4 pages, the cover is as thick as a book, the picture is standard, the paper pages are white with a density of 80. The book is designed for 24 liters.


We can make a book breeder with an individual design in the style of the nursery, in soft and hard cover.


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